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Swati Mishra
Swati MishraUpdated 9 months ago

A free tool to check SSD performance

AS SSD Benchmark is a simple utility tool that can help you test the performance of an SSD drive. The free-to-download application conducts a series of tests to reveal any problems that your system may have. The Windows 7 and above app is portable, which means that you can store it in a USB device and test the performance of any solid-state drive, whenever you like. 

What is an SSD?

SSD, short for solid-state drive, is one of the latest storage devices being used in PCs. These drives have been designed to help replace conventional hard disks. The reason behind this is the fact that hard disks run slow, and in turn, make your computer work slower than it otherwise would. SSD is a new faster storage device that uses flash-based memory and takes less read-access time. 

In case you’d like to check whether or not you have an SSD drive installed on your computer, you can click on the Windows and S keys together. Doing this will open an Optimize Drives window and show you a list of all existing drives on your PC. Having a solid-state drive installed on your laptop or desktop can help reduce boot time and speed up processes like copying, installing, and opening files.

What is an AS SSD Benchmark?

AS SSD Benchmark download is a Windows 10 utility software program that tests the performance of solid-state drives. With its help, you can find out the speed of all installed SSDs and take care of any issues that the tests may reveal. The free app performs three separate tests to provide you with conclusive evidence on your driver's general behavior while it copies, reads, and writes data. 

Developed by Alexej Schepeljanski, the tool is quite useful and can help you identify all the issues that your system may be facing. The app determines the access time of an SSD, along with its speed and performance capabilities. Moreover, you can use AS SSD Benchmark portable to check multiple SSDs and carry it in a removable device for easy portability. 

What does an SSD do for a laptop?

SSDs use flash-based memory, which tends to be a lot faster than the technology used in traditional hard disks. However, with time, SSDs can become slow and increase the time needed to transfer files, copy documents, and run applications. To check whether or not the SSDs installed on your device are working at an optimal level, you can perform tests and resolve any issues you come across. 

Does AS SSD Benchmark have a clean interface?

When you download AS SSD Benchmark on your Microsoft Windows device, you get access to a clean and simple interface that lets you easily test SSD performance. Once launched, the window shows a list of all SSDs on your PC. After you select the one that you want to test, you just press the Start button available on the top-left side of the app. You then follow the same steps to check the performance of another SSD. 

As soon as you click on Start, the program begins to perform various tests, including SEQ, 4K, and Access Time. The app checks the selected drive’s read-and-write capability, finds random blocks, and measures the speed at which the drive can read a file. You can select other tests from the toolbar of AS SSD Benchmark download

How can I check my SSD performance?

With the help of AS SSD Benchmark, you can conduct 3 different tests on any SSD installed on your PC. You can perform the program’s SEQ test to measure the speed at which the solid-state drive reads and writes 1 GB data. The 4K test, on the other hand, helps you determine the read and write speed at 4K blocks. Opting for 4K-64 tests finds the speed of the SSD at 64 threads

The result of all of these tests gets displayed in IOPS or MB per second. Additionally, the app calculates the access time, which could help in understanding the overall capacity of the selected SSD. All the scores that the app calculates get listed in a table, along with global scores. The app also displays a benchmark of your SSD’s copying and compressing capabilities. 

What is good SSD speed?

When trying to determine good SSD speed, you should know that the higher the value that you get with AS SSD Benchmark scores, the better the performance! 

The program also displays global scores to help you compare behavior, benchmark tests, and compressibility. In addition to this, if you use your SSDs to store, copy and transfer HD content with an audio bitrate of 320 KB, you would need an SSD with a speed between 500 and 1000 MB

Are there any alternatives?

SSD Fresh is similar to AS SSD Benchmark and offers additional tools to adjust Windows OS so that it’s better accustomed to using an SSD. Victoria SSD/HDD is another such tool that can help you check the performance of your SSD and secure all the data it contains. In case you want an app to check the performance of your hard drive, you should download CrystalDiskMark or CrystalDiskInfo.

Should I download AS SSD Benchmark?

If you own an SSD, you should download the AS SSD Benchmark software. It can help you determine its behavior and speed

The lightweight application performs several tests to reveal any issues that it finds in the system so you can take quick action. Moreover, the app displays all the information it finds in a tabular format, right next to the list of global scores. The portable app is quite handy and can be useful in increasing the speed of your SSD, and thereby your PC. 


  • Offers a minimalistic interface
  • Conducts several tests
  • Displays a list of global scores


  • May seem complicated to beginners

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AS SSD Benchmark for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 2.0.7316.34247
  • 4.5

  • Security Status

User reviews about AS SSD Benchmark

  • Gary Erdman

    by Gary Erdman

    Where's the documentation to explain what the numbers mean? I looked for it in the program but was unable to find it.

  • David Watkins

    by David Watkins

    First try on NVMEv4 SSD. I will have to look at the source Web site, but my question now is how this SSD compares to others.


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